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Budkle Up Driving School - Driving Tuition for Bristol, (St George), Avon

According to the Department of Transport's own figures, Bristol has an exceptionally high driving test pass rate. The town also has significantly shorter waiting lists for driving tests than many other centres around the UK. The high success rate for driving test candidates in Bristol may be partly because of the low traffic volume in the town and the relatively straightforward road layout.<br /><br />To take advantage of the opportunities here, many students come to Buckle Up Driving School for a course of intensive lessons ending in their practical driving test. If you are travelling from Bristol, accommodation can be arranged for the duration of your course at a comfortable, affordable local bed & breakfast. If you are local, you can simply book your lessons at a time to suit you. To get in touch, you can call 07811 034949 or click in the header of any page to email buckleupdrivingschool.

Photo from Featured Project near Bristol
Crash Courses in Driving with Residential Option

<p>2018 saw Buckle Up's best year for Intensive driving courses, 31 courses run and 31 passes attained, 29 on the 1st attempt, 2 on the 2nd. The record speaks for itself.<br /><br />Come to the best place in England and Wales for passing the driving test and take a residential driving course; a 3 day intensive driving course or 5 day intensive driving course and return home a license holder. <br /><br />More and more people are discovering this great secret in the heart of Wales. Come and take advantage of a great town to drive in, a great instructor, a great car and a warm, comfortable guest house. Leave with a full driving license! <br /><br />We offer residential intensive driving courses for learners who wish to come to Llandrindod from outside of the area and leave as drivers. You can pass the driving test in 3 days!<br />More and more people are booking and discovering that there is a better way to pass in a defined time. For those who are local to the area or those who may have family or friends in the area we offer the same courses but without accommodation.<br /><br /><b>Why come to Mid Wales to take the driving test?</b><br /><br />1. High test pass rate<br /><br />2. Far Less traffic<br /><br />3. NO dual carriageways, 1 set of traffic lights, very easy roads<br /><br /><br /><b>The Course</b><br /><br />3 day course - 12 hours over 3 days<br />For foreign license holders, those who have previously failed the test<br />Brush up of skills and manoeuvres, learn the test routes. <br /><br />5 day course - 20 hours over 5 days<br />For those who require more time to master techniques and manoeuvres. <br />Must have skills to start, stop, steer, change gear, reverse. <br />Absolute beginners can do an intensive course but booking test is not recommended. <br /><br /><b>Prices:</b><ul><li>Manual 20 hour Intensive 1 week Course - £799 + (Includes driving test and accommodation, 4 nights bed and breakfast)<br></li><li>Manual 12 hour intensive residential top up course - £499 + (Includes driving test and accommodation, 2 nights bed and breakfast)</li><li>Additional hours can be taken at a cost of £27 per hour</li><li></p><h4></h4><p><b>The small print</b><br /><br />Buckle Up cannot guarantee a driving test pass but will promise to work as hard as possible with you to help you get your license. <br /><br />We cannot accept responsibility for the DVSA canceling a test due to strikes, weather or illness, and will not refund for driving tuition already provided. In these circumstances the new test date will be rearranged at a date convenient to both parties and some additional tuition provided prior to that date. <br /><br />A deposit will be taken upon booking which will be refunded if the course is canceled with minimum 10 days notice of the test date. <br /><br />Your test will take place only in Llandrindod Wells or Brecon as will your tuition. Your accommodation will be arranged in Llandrindod Wells, if you choose to stay elsewhere this must be within a reasonable distance of Llandrindod wells or you will be expected to travel to meet your instructor in Llandrindod wells.<br /><br />The 12 hour course is for those who have previously taken a test or on foreign license and have plenty of driving experience and wish to brush up on skills and, gain confidence and experience the test roads.<br /><br />The 20 hour course is for those who have some driving experience but need more time to develop skills and learn manouvres. <br /><br />Buckle Up trusts your judgment on whether you require the 12 or 20 hour course. You will not benefit yourself by choosing less time than you require. <br /><br />You will be instructed by an experienced local instructor with fantastic test pass rate and intricate knowledge of the area. <br /><br />We reserve the right to terminate the course without refund if we feel that you have deceived us in your driving experience and ability. You cannot learn to drive and pass the driving test in 12 hours.</p><p></p>
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